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Inuit Creation Myth
Updated: 10/14/2020
Inuit Creation Myth
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  • One day a man broke through a pea pod onto the ground. The ground was soft and made the man uneasy. Then water began to puddle around his feet
  • Suddenly a raven flew over to the man and realized that he created him in his pea pods. The raven turned into a man and brought the man from the pea pod to higher ground.
  • Once at the higher, older ground that the raven created, he asked the man if he was hungry. The man said yes and the raven flew off to get the man some berries. Four days later the raven returned with the berries. The man liked them so much that the raven made berry bushes all over
  • After their meal the raven decided to make animals so first he made goats. When he saw the mans intense interest in them he moved the goats to the mountain so that man would not destroy them. Then to be extra careful the raven made a bear so that man would have something to fear.
  • Noticing that the man would get lonely by himself, the raven picked up mud and clay and made a woman for the man. He told the man that the woman would help keep mankind alive.
  • The raven left and the man and woman had many children. More men came out of their pea pods and the human and animal population thrived.--------
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