Thrawn Book StoryBoard-Jack Watts
Updated: 6/11/2020
Thrawn Book StoryBoard-Jack Watts
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Storyboard Text

  • I need help my people are in danger
  • Here is your translator
  • Let me take you to Palpatine
  • Thrawn will offer his knowledge and skills if you protect his people.
  • Deal!
  • You won't kill me
  • We are here to kill you
  • They find Thrawn and he secretly boards their ship. They interrogate him and he says he needs help and his people are in danger. Parck sends Thrawn to Palpatine and gives him a translator named Eli.
  • We are in Jail but we will escape
  • Thrawn makes a deal with Palpatine that his people will be protected in exchange for his war tactics and service. Thrawn also wants to meet Luke Skywalker but Palpatine says he is dead.
  • I Have a plan.
  • We are here to kill you
  • Eli and Thrawn are both assigned to the royal Emperial academy. Thrawn is now assigned the position of a Lieutenant. They are both playing a game and Thrawn wins against the other people so they send people to kill him. They survive and a couple months later they graduate.
  • Let me go!
  • I trapped You
  • Over the next eighteen months Thrawn and Eli are Smugglers. They get raided by pirates and the pirates put them in jail. They escape and work out a deal with the pirates for their protection.
  • He is being attacked by droids so he has his first huge plan and he realizes the droids are being controlled on the moon.
  • Thrawn and Eli are handling a dispute on planet Cyphar and they decide to make a trap
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