Imperialism Storyboard- Honors History
Updated: 12/16/2019
Imperialism Storyboard- Honors History
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  • Imperialism
  • In the mid- 1800s, Europeans and other nations became interested in African lands. They used Direct control whose goal was assimilation.
  • In 1853 war broke out between the Ottoman's and the Russians. France and Britain helped
  • Crimean War
  • They feared that the Russians were becoming too powerful and no longer wanted them obtaining anymore land
  • The Sepoy Mutiny occurred in 1857. It was between the Britains and the Sepoy's. The Sepoy's did not believe in British rule and decided to rebel
  • Suez Canal
  • The Suez Canal was built in 1869. It was designed to connect the Mediterranean Sea and the Red sea to make a more direct trade or shipping route.
  • The Great Game was a race to claim Muslim lands. The race was between the British and the Russians. At the time, the British controlled Afghanistan and they had just signed a peace treaty with the soviet union.
  • The Berlin Conference
  • Africa
  • The Berlin Conference was held in 1884 and it was held to decide on how they were to divide Africa.
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