Natural Selection Bio Feb 2020
Updated: 2/8/2020
Natural Selection Bio Feb 2020

Storyboard Text

  • Shae Sorensen
  • Inheritance: the genetics that are passed down from parent to offspring as they reproduce to create new generations, contributes to survival of the fittestOverproduction: when there is an excessive ammount of a species and the animals have a difficult time survivingSurvival of the Fittest: when an organism is able to survive their environment and adapt to it, then pass on those genes to their offspringDifferential Reproduction: variation in how many offspring are produced by an organism or population
  • Variation
  • Overproduction
  • Survival of the Fittest
  • The orcas have different sizes between them, some are very large and others are more average sized.
  • Reproduction/Inheritance
  • There are excessive amounts of both sizes and they're overpopulated. Due to them being overpopulated, there is a significant lack of food.
  • Adaption
  • Trait selected: small orcasTrait selected against: large orcasType of adaption: physicalEnvironmental cahnge: lack of food
  • The smaller orcas survive because they don't need to eat as much food to survive.
  • The small orcas reproduce, and their small genes are passed down into the next generation to help them be fit for their environment. Since they are all small, they dont need to eat as many calories so more can live and live for longer.