Manifest Destiny
Updated: 3/17/2021
Manifest Destiny

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  • Westward Expansion"Manifest Destiny"
  • By Mr. Ericksen
  • I am tired of working in this northern factory. It does not pay well and it is boring.
  • The trip from New York to Missouri by train was nice. We will have to buy a wagon and a guide for our family to cross the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains into California.
  • The trail from Missouri to Sacramento was tough. We are getting supplies to head out to look for gold. Many people doing the same. Running low on money and only a few stores to shop. Prices are high but I think we have enough mining supplies and food to get started.
  • Mining has been tough. Our claim is ok, we would like better land but we got to California later than other mining families. We are camping with several family we met on trip. We look out for each other and Tara, my wife had been selling alot of bread and other food to incoming miners to help the family with money because there is little gold. Most people are starting to work for larger mining operations than working their own claim.