Ch. 13-21 Petrescu
Updated: 5/8/2020
Ch. 13-21 Petrescu

Storyboard Text

  • Ch.12 The First Bomb
  • Ch.13 The Second Bomb
  • Ch.16 The Third Bomb
  • There were screams and loud bang. Theo, Doug, Mrs.Theodorakis, Sydelle, Catherine, Angela, and Chris were all there when it happened. Mrs. Theodorakis was covered in tomato sauce not blood.
  • Ch.21 The Fourth Bomb
  • No one was in the kitchen when the bomber put a tall can behind the similar cans. The candle would burn down to the fuse at 6:30. No one would be hurt.
  • There were big bangs and rapid rat-a-tat-tat. Rockets shooting fireballs. Angela was sitting on the floor with her hands burnt and blood oozed from her cheek.
  • Everyone thought Turtle was the bomber but Turtle said it was Angela because she thought a padlock key across the room. Angela was setting off fireworks waiting to get caught.