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Updated: 1/16/2020
Columbus comics
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  • Columbus and The Taino
  • I am finding a safer way to the Indies will you please help me with my expedition?
  • We will think about this it is a big deal.
  • The Columbian Exchange
  • you can not just boss us around on our land
  • I am here to find a new land do this work for me and I will bring you to Europe.
  • The Impact of Columbus
  • I Do not feel so good and it is really not a good feeling
  • After you are done with this one you will build many more
  • Christopher Columbus wanted to find a better way to get to the Indies so he asked King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella and at first they thought about it but it took them a little time to agree with him.
  • ´╗┐Christopher Columbus went to America when he thought it was The Indies so he called the Native Americans Indians. He made the Native Americans work on sugarcane farms, he made some go to Europe to do work for people there too.
  • Once all the Native Americans started working for Columbus, they had to work a lot and they got very sick with small pocks and measles. Many Native's died because there was no cure for these diseases.
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