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Updated: 3/3/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Ted and Kelly got home from school and was studying for their SS test and started talking about Greeks gods and Goddesses and how they created the Olympic Games.
  • The Greeks believed that there was gods/godesses above them watching over them and that they were responsible for natural distaters and other things.
  • Since the Greeks had these Gods/Goddesses the Greeks wanted to feel closer to them so they thought of them as having human emtions and are in human form.
  • The Greeks wanted to feel closer to them they worshiped them.
  • The Greeks believed that to worship them they should have a Olympic Game to worship the god(s). They mostly chose to do this activity to worship the gods of gods, Zeus
  • At these Olympic Games there at multiple different games, for example racing and wrestling and they had some other games, but those were very violent.
  • After a while of these Olympic Games going on, the french took over them in 1896, with the same games, but a few new ones.