Coming of Age Story

Updated: 5/6/2020
Coming of Age Story

Storyboard Text

  • In January of last year I downloaded and started playing a new game called Fallout 4.
  • I begin to realize that I can do whatever I want in this game with no one making me do anything, there is no right or wrong in this game.
  • We are low on supplies and need help.
  • I meet this small group of settlers who I rescue from some raiders.
  • Please take out the raiders they are keeping us in here!
  • I think you should head to a place called Diamond City, a safe haven for all people.
  • Thank you for saving us from the raiders!
  • On the way to Diamond City, I pick up a signal from a former police station that says that the people inside are low on supplies.
  • Once I got to the Police station, I met the people and they said they were fighting for freedom of everyone else.
  • We are the Brotherhood of Steel