Unknown Story
Updated: 11/13/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • I should go tell the Council of Scholars about my idea.
  • You can´t make something by yourself.
  • That idea is not good at all.
  • Equality 7-2521 is in the tunnel and he creates something. He starts to think that he should share his idea with the Council of the Scholars.
  • Equality 7-2521 goes to the Council of Scholars to tell them what he made. They say that is it a bad idea, you can´t make something by yourself, and that he doesn´t go there. He gets his feelings hurt.
  • Equality 7-2521 runs to the forest after the Council of the Scholars tells him that his idea is bad. He thought they would be happy about his idea. He slept in the forest and not in his bed for the first time in his whole life.