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scientific revolution
Updated: 1/24/2020
scientific revolution
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  • someone help! my son is very, very sick and i'm not sure what to do
  • I can help! ..i am very good with helping people cure unknown diseases or sicknesses.
  • oh its fine.. wait! i just thought of the greatest idea.. why not .. Gravity! i can help every understand gravity!
  • wow! that's a great idea
  • i'm sorry about dropping your apple sir
  • These here objects all have to do with science.. the one closest to me is dna and the one next you is called germs
  • what are these here things?
  • Interesting! that's very clever.. you should really consider becoming a chemist.
  • uhh.. do i know you...
  • hey,look what i just discovered! it's a picture of germs..this here kid can help the scientists in the future!
  • How does a new idea transform a society? if the idea is good it could help the society and possibility bring it together.. some risks of new ideas could be someone going against you and could make other people agree with them instead of you.
  • How is the Scientific Revolution a change in both science and thought?it is a change science helps people understand what real and what isn't and can help people understand The Scientific Revolution was a continuation of Renaissance thinking because new discoveries were made.
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