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American History
Updated: 11/22/2019
American History
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  • Pork chop, pork chop, did you eat your pork chops?
  • You're Eugene. Right?
  • American HistoryStory by: Judith Ortiz CoferStoryboard by: Samantha Lopez
  • The President is dead, you idiots
  • The story takes place in Paterson, New Jersey. Elena is at school, Public School Number 13. They were given free exercise time and the girls played with the jump rope. Elena was miserable and getting abuse from the black girls. She was feeling humiliated and wanted to cry.
  • In August, Elena was in her fire escape when spotted a family moving in. She spotted a tall boy, with blond hair reading books for hours. The boy's name is Eugene. He had transferred to the same school, but he had different classes. Walking him she manged to bump into him, Elena finally got the courage to talk to him. They finally met.
  • On November 22, 1963, Mr. DePalma came out into the cold with tears running down in his face. Mr. DePalma was trying to get everyone's attention, but he had enough. "The President is dead, you idiots. I should have known that wouldn't mean anything to a bunch of losers like you kids. Go home." he yelled. So, they did.
  • Elena was getting ready to head out when her mom stopped her. Elena's mom was very shocked and upset that she's going, showing no respect. Elena wanted to stay and comfort her mom, but she wanted to be with Eugene. She went for the door and her mom said in Spanish that she's heading for humiliation and pain. And she headed out.
  • Elena knocked on Eugene's door, a woman with red hair came out the house. "What do you want?" she said with an unfriendly tone. "I'm Eugene's friend. He asked me over. To study." Elena responded. The conversation went downhill, Eugene's mom canceled Elena out of Eugene's life. Elena was shocked and froze. She went back home crying.
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