Unknown Story

Updated: 10/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The day Eli attended school, she encountered lots of good-looking and fashionable students which she envied, as she passes by them in the hallway.
  • As soon as she got home, she checks herself in the mirror, wondering on how she looks.
  • She goes back into her bedroom and checks her social media.
  • As she scrolls through her social media, she then encounters an attractive popular woman. And it made her feel inferior of herself.
  • She bursts into tears, cried to herself, as the insecurity consumes her confidence away.
  • The very next day, Eli opened up to her mother. Where her mother reassured her and this helped her regain her confidence back. This also made her realize that true beauty does not mean only physical appearance; it is also the beauty that lies inside a human being.