Hole Short Story
Updated: 12/10/2020
Hole Short Story

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  • How did I end up here? How will I get out?
  • It's cracked!!! But......how??
  • Our Story begins in the middle of nowhere, with a hole 25ft down.
  • Is that a.... pickaxe!?! Maybe someone was trying to escape?!?
  • The ground was cold and damp. Sand digging into his skin. Confused as to what is happening.
  • Hey food!!!
  • He looks at his watch. It wasn't cracked when he arrived, he thought. He couldn't remember.
  • It's all string!! Nothing but String....... It felt so real.....ZZZZZ........ZZZZZZZ.........ZZZZZZ
  • He then looked up at the sky. The blinding light made him squint. He happened to see a somewhat shiny object.
  • He looks down at the ground do discover a bag of stale, half eaten pretzels. He was confused but didn't question.*Note: (They didn't have pretzels on this website so i'm using popcorn in place)
  • He started to go crazy, or so he thought. Everything he once saw and touched was string little pieces of string everywhere. His watch started to tik faster and faster. He was getting paranoid. All of a sudden, he woke up.
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