Updated: 6/15/2020
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  • Can i come in? I have made some nice eggs on toast
  • NO! GO AWAY!
  • *Spending lunch picking up rubbish*
  • What are you doing nerd!!! Go get a life
  • Come to the park and play with us bro.
  • No way!! I have to edit my science assessment thats due in 2 months
  • Parents should not feel that their son or daughter is ignoring them or that they are doing something wrong. Usually when people with OCPD act aggresive it means that their stress levels are high. You should always let them rest and try and make him happy by giving them their favourite food or just encouarging them.
  • Hahahahah I Win! You so bad!!!
  • Why are you so mean!!! Im telling the teacher!!!
  • If you see your friend in a situation like this act straight away. Stick up for the person and tell the bully that what he is doing is wrong. Go up to the person and tell them that everything is fine and that you are here for them.
  • Sit down and spend some quality time with the family
  • No! This place is a mess!!
  • If your friend is regecting time to hang out do to work that is due in 2 months then this could be a sign of OCPD. Tell them that what they are doing is wrong and that they should seek help. Let their parents know immediatley.
  • No one likes me!! People think i'm weird!!
  • If you have a friend that has OCPD and he/she is insulting you , dont take it personally as they usually lack in social skills. Do not retaliate as this can lead to you mentally and physically hurting them.
  • If your daughter or son skips family time to clean, you have to tell him that what he is doing is wrong and needs to stop. If this problem persits than you must seek medical help
  • If you see your son or daughter in this much distress, you must take action quickly. You must encourage him and tell him that he does not have to be perfect and how everybody loves him. Let his friends know so that they can encourage him to make him feel better
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