Spanish-American War Storyboard
Updated: 1/8/2020
Spanish-American War Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Cuban Rebellion
  • USS Maine Explodes
  • It was the Spanish!
  • Peace!
  • I want peace.
  • We want war!
  • Cuba and Spain were fighting, with Spain hurting Cuban lives.. Cuba then asked the US to help them. The U.S says no because they do not want to spend the money. Cuba reacts by destroying Amercian sugar cane.
  • Demands
  • The USS Maine was soon moved to the Havanna Harbor to protect Americans and property. Then on Feburary 15, the USS Maine explodes, killing 250 people. The US then blames the Spanish.
  • Treaty to Paris
  • McKinley hesitates for a war even though the Americans want it. Peace is maintained.
  • U.S Territories
  • For all that Spain has done, the US asked for some demands from the Spanish. 1. They wanted money for the USS Maine. 2. To end guarded camps. 3. A truce to Cuba. 4. Cuban independence. (Spain dosn't except #4)
  • In December, 1898, the US signs with Spain. Spain then recognizes Cuban Independence.
  • In return for 20 million dollars, Spain gave up the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam. These were soon US territories.
  • Now you have the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Guam.
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