Open Window Part 1
Updated: 9/27/2020
Open Window Part 1

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  • My aunt will be down presently Mr.Nuttel. In the mean time you talk with me.
  • It is very kind of you to wait with me.
  • Do you know any of the people around here?
  • Hardly a soul,But my Sister lived here Four years ago...
  • Then you practically know nothing about my aunt. Her great tragedy happened three years ago.
  • Uh! Tragedy?
  • It's quite warm for this time of year.
  • You might wonder why we keep these French doors open on such a cold afternoon.
  • Out through those doors three years ago to a day my Aunt's husband and her son's went shootingand never came back.Their bodies were never recovered that was the worst part of it.
  • Poor aunt thinks they will come back one day.They and a brown Labrador lost with themwalking as they used too.She spends hours sitting and waiting, watching through the open doors. She won't let it be closed until it's dark outside