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What,, of this Goldfish, Would you wish?
Updated: 9/20/2019
What,, of this Goldfish, Would you wish?
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  • Yonatan had a brilliant idea to create a documentary about the answers to the question: If a goldfish could grant you 3 wishes, What would you wish for?
  • He went to every house until he fell upon this house. In this house lived Sergei, a man that doesn't like people knocking on his door. The kid asked him the same question from the other house.
  • While the kid was asking the question, he looks inside and sees a goldfish and starts filming it meanwhile Sergei is yelling at him to leave it alone.
  • Sergei as he gets desperate because the kid didn't stop, he grabbed a burner and hit him in the head. The kid fell to the ground and broke his skull.
  • The goldfish starts talking to Sergei and tells him he could use his last wish to help the kid so that no one knew he had died, but Sergei didn't want to use his last wish because then he'll be alone and not have anybody to talk to.
  • Sergei keeps contemplating of what he should do: leave him there or use his last wish to help the kid.
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