Updated: 9/26/2021

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  • Boom Boom´s funeral
  • He was one of ice hockey´s biggest stars and got a job with eudora grain company.
  • It was Eudora´s president who found his body floating close to the warf last Tuesday.
  • Bernand, my cousin. He was like a brother to me.
  • Thanks, Bobby
  • I was sorry about Boom Boom, Vic. I know how much you two cared aobut each other.
  • I know you think you´re rough. But do yo really need to know all the details?
  • I couldnt get any information from the company. How did boom boom die?
  • I just want to know what happen to my cousin. He was young strong. I dont think he fall into the water like that
  • You´re Boom Boom´s cousin, aren´t you? Im Paige Carrington.