Story board Joan of Arc
Updated: 2/5/2021
Story board Joan of Arc

Storyboard Text

  • Do you want to go sew while your dad is doing his job.
  • Yes I will give supplies if you fight the English in Orleans
  • I have just got a image that I should lead the French into battle aginst the English.
  • Will you give me supplies to fight the English because I got a image from God that I should do this.Yes I will be the leader and fight the English.
  • May you ask the king, if I could have a army for me to attach the English.
  • Yeah!We won the battle of Orleans and we beat the English!
  • That is ridiculuse because no women could lead a army and I know the King would decline.
  • Will you excort me to the royal court and I have support from other leaders.
  • Okay I will excort you to the royal court in the city Chinon.