Short Story step 2 : Lin Qing
Updated: 6/2/2020
Short Story step 2 : Lin Qing
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Conflict : A group of people is bulling Yiyi and as days gone by, things gotten worst and bullying has gone from small issues to big issues Climax : When the group of people bullying Yiyi, they later understands his weak points and targets to make Yiyi lose his confidence in his dreams and pursue of life goals Resolution : When things had gotten to the worst stage possible, Yiyi starts to lose hope in chasing his youth dreams of becoming a great artist painting great masterpiece, Lemon, a young lady appear and save Yiyi from his despair and humiliated the group of bullies and made the group have a taste of her hard iron-like fist and help Yiyi regain his confidence or even made his will even stronger
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