Updated: 3/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • yes sir Sgt.
  • Good morning kids hurry and get to class for y'all be late
  • yessssszzzzirrrr
  • Hello, I am Sgt. Micheal dolts. I am a sergeant for New York Police Department, As you can see i am at a school house in my office. I'm also however a resource officer come on lets take a look around i'll show you!!!
  • Here i am outside of my office which is on the ETC hall here at Backwoods High School. ETC really means a medical treatment / Emergency service. Come on let me show you more!!!
  • Now as you can see i am on the other side of the emergency Service Hallway, on this side is where we check upon sick students or if any physical authorization occurs we check to see if anything is wrong with the student
  • This is one of the emergency rooms. As you can see this teenage girl has pass out and she is being treated before we transport her to the hospital. The Doc said she stop breathing in class so i also had to rush down here. It's a lot of doctors in this room as you can see. And yes we all work in this school house on the medical hall.