sicence done
Updated: 2/4/2021
sicence done

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Storyboard Text

  • sedimentary rock
  • it is so peaceful at the bottom of the sea
  • Subduction
  • It's hot!
  • melting
  • help I am melting
  • I am magma wow!
  • Under the sea sediment was compressed down to make sedimentary rock.
  • Uplift
  • sedimentary rock being pushed down
  • cooling
  • woah this is the surface of earth I think
  • sedimentary rock melting into magma
  • Igneous rock
  • I am a Igneous rock now
  • This is were magma is pushed to the surface.
  • Where am I going
  • This is were the magma that was uplifted cools down.
  • This igneous rock made from the earth interior energy. located on the surface of earth.