Religion class
Updated: 1/14/2021
Religion class

Storyboard Text

  • This is Mikayla. She's 14 and lives in a house. Mikayla was born in Alliston, Ontario and is an only child. she is baptized and is catholic. 
  • God is good
  • By: Mikayla Halovanic
  • She was named after her Grandpa Mirko (Micheal) Halovanic. It was chosen by her mom. She was born Mikayla Joan Higgins. Mikayla means helper of God in Latin.
  • I named her Mikayla
  • Good idea
  • Mikayla would go to church all the time and had a very happy life. she prayed all the time and loved God
  • ok!
  • Mikayla it's time for church
  • When Mikayla was 4 her dad moved out and her parents got divorced. this made her very sad
  • Decreation
  • This led Mikayla away from God. she thought God didn't love her because he ruined her life and made her very sad and mad.
  • She didn't want to go to church anymore and didn't want to pray because she saw no point in it anymore.
  • I'm not coming
  • Mikayla it's time for church