Social Studies
Updated: 11/1/2018
Social Studies
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  • Exposition #9
  • Do I really have to save another persons' butt again? He really is pretty dumb.
  • Rising Action #16
  • Ahhh man. Why at this time does this wheel have to break.
  • Hee-Haa
  • Rising Action #18
  • This thing is amazing.
  • Did you make this yourself! How did you do that?
  • Hubert, Gorp, and Hodja are racing down the hill, and about to run into a tree. Gorp has to help save them from sudden doom.
  • Rising Action #30
  • Huff, Puff. Huff, Puff. Huff, Puff.
  • Omar has had the first flat tire. He gets very frustrated.
  • Rising Action #32
  • When are they coming to help me get out of this stupid cage.
  • Hubert suprises Big Al with a chariot to distract him so that Hubert and Uma could go on their date. Big Al gets his n\new chariot that Hubert made stolen.
  • Climax #35 Plugged up River
  • MOM! I created irrigation.
  • Hodja hurries to get help for Hubert, because Hubert is stuck in the POW cell. Hodja has to run a long way down the mountain to find help for his owner.
  • Hubert waits patiently while Hodja and Uma are heading his way to save him.
  • The wheel has rolled down the hill. And it had clogged up the Euphrates river.
  • Hubert I missed you so much.
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