Genghis Khan
Updated: 12/17/2019
Genghis Khan
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  • Born in 1126 AD, Genghis Khan, originally named Temujin, would eventually become a Mongol hero, and a ruthless warlord.At a young age, his father was poisoned by a rival tribe, leaving him to  become the leader of his tribe.
  • I will rule this tribe.
  • Join me in conquest, friends, for we are stronger with each other than we are apart.
  • Sure!
  • We have united under rule of Genghis.
  • Temujin would go on to kill his own half brother in order to solidify himself as the ruler of his people. He would later marry a women named Borte at the age of 16, who he was promised at a time prior.
  • After being captured, Genghis would go on to form a small fighting unit, which eventually swelled into over 20,000 Mongols. Later, his forces would rampage through the likes of the Tartar and the Naiman, a powerful force in it's own right.
  • After witnessing the destruction of Genghis's army, the other Mongols decided to unify with him. With the Mongol empire unified, they could not be stopped. They crashed through Northern Asia and eventually controlled much of eastern and central Mongolia.
  • I am the emperor of China, I do declare!
  • Genghis was a keen tactician, and a fierce leader in battle. To ensure victory and efficiency, he made sure that the men in his forces were qualified and could handle a horse effortlessly. As well, his military and government officials were chosen by intellect and overall merit, instead of their wealth or status.
  • Genghis would continue his conquests gaining more and more territory. He would eventually control the most land and power any Khan had in generations. He died on August 18, 1227, at the age of 65.
  • Although Genghis had died some time ago, his descendants carried his torch and continued in conquest. Particularly his grandson, Kublai Khan, would bring prosperity to the Mongols in many ways. In 1279, he completed the conquest of China and declared himself the emperor. This began the Yuan dynasty, as well a period known as the Mongol Ascendancy. From there after, a diverse culture stirred and developed in China, which can still be noticed to this day.
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