Unknown Story

Updated: 10/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Anna walks the halls as a ghost. She has been here for 3 months and is planning to escape.
  • I wander these halls as a ghost
  • Anna appears to be "Crazy" by the doctors since she will not talk to them. "DO you come with prayers ?"she asks. She stares at the bars and waits untill they leave.
  • "Mrs. Smith do you know how long you've been here? Do you understand you have made no progress at all"
  • I am buffalo Wallow Woman
  • Anna visits the person in room 612 and sees a person who calls her grandma. He cries with her until he gets tired and falls alseep. Anna does not understand it.
  • I feel like a ghost. Why are you crying
  • Its okay grandma