Long Walk to Water chapter 7 summary
Updated: 2/9/2020
Long Walk to Water chapter 7 summary
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  • Nya was feeling guilty because she found herself annoyed from Akeer complaining. She knew people who suffered from this illness and they had terrible symptoms, stomach aches, Diarrhea and cramps
  • Salva realizes that a lion killed his friend Marial.
  • Salva... Just go to thos bushes in the distance..
  • He said "we will find water at a spot."
  • Uncle... A lion killed Marial... What if a lion takes one of us..?
  • 2 men were speaking in a language that Nya did not know, when they translated it to the chief she heard them say They are going to find water.
  • I'm sorry I was not taking you serious. Now you have no energy to even talk...
  • I need water but I need to save it at the same time.. My foot is really injured too....
  • Salva's group arrived at the island.
  • Salva.. I promise I will protect you.. Also we will soon be far from lion country.
  • It took 2 days of preparation to make the canoes and now finally they can start their journey
  • Salva has to walk on his bare feet because his shoes have warn out also Salva's really thirst but he's conserving his water
  • They will only find water when it's raining...
  • Salva's group made it to the Nile River and now are collecting reeds to make boats.
  • Uhh uncle how will my family find me if im in Ethiopia?
  • When Salva and his uncle were asleep, a lion took Salva's friend.
  • 2 men with a jeep came to Nya's village. Nya's brother Dep took them to the villages chief. They drank. They talked about water.
  • We need to give them some of our water!
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  • Water
  • Huh? The nearest water is half a mornings walk away..
  • Umm Salva.. after I take you to the refugee camp I will be going back to the army to fight.
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  • Salva's group found a group of people lying motionless. Salva's group shared some water.
  • Salva asks his uncle a question that was bothering him. (uncle how will my family find me if im in Ethiopia?) Salva's uncle told salva "after I take you to the refugee camp I will be going back to the army to fight."
  • We have to cross the Nile river so we can go to Ethiopia. We will need boats to cross The Nile. We need to collect reeds to make boats.
  • Akeer was taken to the doctor and received medicine. The nurse said Akeer can only drink clean water or she will become ill again.
  • Salva's uncle woke up salva to tell him that his friend was missing!
  • WHAT! HOW!
  • SALVA!...SALVA. Your friend is missing!
  • Akeer can only drink clean or boiled water, if she doesn't she will become ill again.
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