Updated: 11/20/2020

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  • Perfect Society
  • Uniformity
  • Citizens Under Surveillance
  • Everything in this society is design to be perfect. There is no fear, poverty, no one struggles with hunger, and there is no hatred towards others. Most of the things are given or provided for the people.
  • No independent Thought
  • Things in this society are almost the same. An example would be ho everyone is the same color(sameness). Another example would be the houses are all similar. If there is a difference it could develop into farther problems.
  • Oppressive Government
  • The citizens of this community are always being watched and being corrected if they have made a mistake. They do this to keep things in order and to avoid any differences.
  • Lack of Free Will
  • Dreams are suppressed through medication for the people. Also once they hit puberty that feeling is taken aay from them through pills.
  • The government has make the decisions on what job they will take. The who there spouse will be. An example of this was how the choose Jonas assignment the Receiver of memory.
  • People in this society don't know what the feeling of love is, as long with other feelings. To them love is a word that has no meaning.
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