Covid 19 PSA

Updated: 6/25/2020
Covid 19 PSA

Storyboard Text

  • Hey there, why aren't you wearing your mask during this pandemic?
  • Oh, that's because I'm a healthy adult, the virus won't affect me.
  • Even though the virus may not affect you as much, you could pass it onto to someone who it could affect a lot, such as the elderly.
  • Darn it, I was just about to visit my grandparents.
  • You see, this is the reason why people who are weak to virus die, even though they are staying inside.
  • Okay, thanks for telling me that, I'll be more responsible from now on.
  • I don't really know much about that, but Jim does.
  • Say, do you know how deadly the virus is?
  • Jim's the dude who is about to appear right now.
  • Who's Jim?
  • Hi, thanks Carl. I'm Jim, and I have information from WHO on the coronavirus. Apparently, right now, the coronavirus has cost the lives of nearly half a million people. And nearly ten million people are infected with the virus. So please, wear a mask to save lives and protect yourself as well.