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Graphing Equations in Slope Intercept Form -- BEATRICE FINZI
Updated: 6/25/2020
Graphing Equations in Slope Intercept Form -- BEATRICE FINZI
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  • A what?
  • I dunno, you tell me...
  • Hey, Johnny, what's a y-intercept?
  • Y-intercept
  • Oooooooh wait! I remember! It's where a line intersects with the y-axis on a graph!
  • *sigh*
  • I did the worksheet this morning, and I got stumped a few times, but remember, the slope is the rise over run, or the direction a line goes in! You should also remember what the x and y axes are (x is horizontal and y is vertical) on a graph. And remember! Linear lines are non-curved lines!
  • The slope-intercept equation (y = mx + b) of this line is y = 2/3)x + 1.
  • Here's how to do it:1. graph the y - intercept ( in this case it is 1) 2. look and graph the coefficient of x ( in this case it is 2/3x) The format to graphing these points are rise/run. rise: how many times to move up from the y - intercept Run: How many times you go to the right from the last point. ( in this case Rise = 2 and Run = 3
  • When did you get smart Johnny?
  • Mwah ha ha! I have prevailed in my mindchip to make a person know all about math! Soon I shall bring his brain to a CALCULUS level!
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