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Best Friends
Updated: 8/27/2020
Best Friends
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  • Scenario
  • 1, 2, 3... smile!
  • Original Encounter
  • Should I go there or just stay here?
  • Oh, hey... it's been a long time.
  • They're already here...
  • Ah.. haha... yes. it's been a while...
  • Emerging Identities
  • Well... this is kind of awkward.
  • Four best friends: Jill, Louie, Amy, and Hazel; They had a big fight, which caused their friendship to fall apart. They stopped talking to each other for months, and now, they've decided to reach each other's hearts once again.
  • Empathy
  • Let us all calm down...
  • Me too..
  • As the four met again, it wasn't the way as it used to be. It was awkward, and all of them had a problem initiating a conversation.
  • Sympathy
  • We bought plates to let go the past!
  • They've decided to have a road trip and travel to another city which is four hours from their city. Things started to change, and pieces are slowly going back in place.
  • Rapport
  • Best Friends Forever!
  • They all stop and hang out by the sea. The four friends are still hours and miles away from their designated locations. One by one, all of them shared the story of their life, the pain, agony, loneliness, and whatever they're feeling about life at the moment. Things are starting to connect, and the friends are slowly but surely, understanding each other once again.
  • I'm so sorry...
  • I missed you guys so much!
  • They all cried and hugged each other. The four continued traveling while reminiscing the good old days. As they arrived in the city, they all went to a mall to buy plates. They planned to write on it. The bad things and negative feelings that entered their lives, and together, they smashed it. A sign that they are letting go of the past and start a new memory and another journey today.
  • What they did was somewhat healing or therapeutic. They became toxic to each other but in the end, they're still friends. The bond is still there. It was just broken, and it needed mending. Eventually, it healed. They all healed. In this way, their friendship grew, matured, and is much stronger.
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