Updated: 12/13/2019
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The political party, the Jarabara'kharai, administer the Arabian Nuclear Energy plant. The nation heavily relies on the nuclear energy production, and as a result, the corrupt party has enjoyed control over the nation of Saudi Arabia for 17 years. The Jarabara'kharai

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  • Greetings, my name is Bernard Ronald. I am the owner of a massive nuclear power plant. The glorious nation of Pakistan is dependent on the energy we produce. As a result, the government works with us, and we enjoy a great amount of political power.
  • Extra - Extra! Read all about it - the Ronald power-plant has been recently exposed for its poor treatment of workers!
  • We need to imprison that foolish journalist situated over there! If people know they will not purchase our product!
  • Don't imprison me-! The people will eventually find out. You will not wi-! Let go of me!
  • Mother, what shall we do next? She could've potentially exposed the public to the classified information...
  • Hello, friend. You have leaked a multitude of documents on our work practices, and I'm afraid you are - well - obligated to stay here for eternity. Enjoy the barred view.
  • Let me out! I want justice! You can suppress me, but not the people.
  • There are protests occurring outside of our palace. Did you hear - Civilians are fighting outside of town hall to stop the censorship.
  • A new government might emerge - I had no idea that was occurring.
  • No wonder the papers had all of those blackouts, but then again, why should I be concerned? The temperature of this particular pool is all I care for.
  • The people of Pakistan now enjoy the new democracy. There is no more censorship, and journalists are protected.
  • Extra - extra! Bernard Ronald has been imprisoned! Recent transition to eco-friendly energy as well!
  • Despite the freedoms we have, I wonder if there is corruption occurring behind the scenes, I shall investigate...
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