bob and mustafa story
Updated: 2/18/2021
bob and mustafa story

Storyboard Text

  • mustafa joey hates you and and no on girl is going to like you. you're just a nerd.
  • (mustafa)it's been 3 hours when is joey going to come.
  • hahaha joey didn't come loser she went with me to dinner not your stupid movie
  • hahaha you fight me? i'd kill you you're no match for me.
  • yk what mustafa I wanna fight you i'm done me and you in a boxing ring
  • sorry mustafa about everything joey told me to do it shes evil she payed me and yk how my mom and dad dont have much money sorry about everything bro
  • its ok mustafa were cool tell joey i said i hate her now how she told you to beat me up and everything.