Updated: 8/27/2021

Storyboard Text

  • hey I saw you have tires in this garage and I need a new set for my truck.
  • Ah yes these ones here that you layed your eyes on should be perfect for a truck!
  • These feel pretty sturdy and look like the perfect fit!
  • I actually have a 2017 ford f-150.
  • That is great what kind of truck do you have?
  • Not at all its just outside!
  • That's great, mind if I take a look?
  • So what price are we looking at, I can go up to 600 dollars for the set.
  • Well you really only need three out of the four tires replaced.
  • But ill give you 50 dollars off the fourth tire if you wanna go ahead and buy the whole set. 
  • 15 minutes later
  • I think I will take the set, how much is the final price?
  • the final price will be 510 dollars with the 50 dollars off