Isaias storyboard
Updated: 1/27/2020
Isaias storyboard
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  • George Washington: The cabinet
  • George Washington: Whisky Rebellion
  • Thomas Jefferson: Election 1800
  • George Washington showed good leadership when he chose two people from different parties. In the text it states "He picked Thomas Jefferson..... Named Alexander Hamilton to manage the nations money". This show that he wanted both sides to be heard.
  • Thomas Jefferson: Louisiana $
  • George Washington sent troops to meet the challenge. In the text it states "Washington sent federal troops to meet the challenge..." This explains that Washington did not stand down to the farmers.
  • James Madison: Problem Natives
  • Jefferson was accused of being godless. in the text it states "Federalist accused Jefferson who believed in freedom of religion,, of being godless". This shows what they accused him of.
  • Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory. In the text it states "Jefferson worried that such a large purchase..." this shows that he wanted to but the territory.
  • James Madison showed leader ship by defeating the natives in the battle of Tippecanoe. In the text it states "The Battle of Tippecanoe was a victory for the Americans". This proves That america won.
  • James Madison showed leader ship by trying to prevent a war called by the War Hawks. In the text it states "Madison knew that he could no longer avoid war with Britain". This shows that he tried for the longest to prevent war.
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