The Comic Adventure of the Rock cycle with Andrew and Aaron.
Updated: 6/15/2020
The Comic Adventure of the Rock cycle with Andrew and Aaron.

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Aaron, I have a question?What are you doing?
  • Tell me more!
  • Hey Andrew, I am an erupting volcano who is in the process of the rock cycle.
  • OMG! That's so amazing! Can I touch it?
  • After the rock melts and goes into magma like I showed you, It will start to cool down and crystallize then it hardens into an igneous rock.
  • Ok ,sure!
  • Aaron, Aaron, oh no where did you go!
  • Uh, Okay.
  • I am now sediment, from weathering and erosion.
  • Relax Andrew, I'm right here.
  • Before I was a sediment but then, I compacted into a sedimentary rock !
  • Um, when you're older bro!
  • Great! When can I go to a sedimentary rock like how your are?
  • It's a really good day today, but what Happened to you?
  • Yup, I have Andrew, I was a really old sedimentary rock and I got heated and pressured, so now I am a Metamorphic rock.
  • Good Aaron, I see that you changed once again!
  • Okay very nice now let's go to another stage that will freak you out more!
  • Nice, hey Aaron how old are you
  • Okay Andrew, before you ask, I have now turned into magma from melting and now the whole process starts over.
  • Thanks, Aaron! I am now going to start the rock cycle, BYE!
  • Ha Ha, am 40 million years old, but hey, nice beard man!