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Social Studies
Updated: 11/26/2019
Social Studies
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  • Washington's Cabinet
  • Whisky Rebellion
  • Kill Kill Kill
  • French Revolution
  • The issue that needed fixed was the national debt totaled over 52 million. The 3 step plan was to pay off all war debts,raise government revenues,create a national bank.The southern argument was they didn't want to pay off the other people's debt. Washington D.C. was created by it was a compromise in order to fix Hamilton's financial plan.
  • The Whiskey Rebellion was a protest against the government's tax on whiskey which was valuable to the livelihood of backcountry farmers. The farmers did not want to pay the whiskey taxes and one night they burned his house to the ground but John Neville somehow escaped.
  • The French Revolution is a rebellion against their government for liberty. Hamilton thought that trade with Britain was to important to risk war. Jeffersons was to crush the French Revolution was an British attack on liberty everywhere. Washington decided to not side with one country or another.
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