Examination Day

Updated: 10/2/2021
Examination Day

Storyboard Text

  • Ash, let's get snacks together.
  • I'm coming!
  • Wow! That's great! I hope that we can pass the test. It was difficult that my brain could explode anytime HAHAHA!
  • How was the exam?
  • The test was confusing at first, but luckily, I had reviewed the lessons included in the test weeks before the examination day, so I confidently answered it and submitted my test paper on time.
  • I hope today's menu is carbonara. I'm craving carbonara after taking the test.
  • Do you think our snack for today is pancit again? I'm getting tired of that food since Tuesday.
  • Is it Thursday right now? Probably.
  • Hey! It's Kim
  • Sure, Kim!
  • Hello! Good Morning! Can I join you?
  • Ugh! It's Pancit!
  • I've actually brought many snacks with me, we can share if you want? I can't finish them all in a day.
  • There's pizza roll if you want.
  • Kim, did you already watched and streamed Twice newest single?
  • Yeah. The single was released yesterday.
  • The Feels? Yeah, I've already streamed it five times in a row. All of them were beautiful and elegant, especially my bias.