Iranian Revolution
Updated: 5/8/2020
Iranian Revolution

Storyboard Text

  • What people dressed like when the Shah was in charge. It was based off of the US because the Shah was working for the US.
  • People were against the Shah working for the US and revolted against him. This was when Ayatollah Khomeini came out from hiding due to the SAVAK and became the new leader.
  • Once the Shah is gone it should be safe for me to come out because the SAVAK should be gone
  • No more Shah
  • When Ayatollah Khomeini became leader a lot of things changed, including what people wear. There were certain things that became censored, meaning people in Iran weren't allowed to read certain books, listen to certain music, etc
  • The Iranian Hostage crisis was when a group of students took people who were like spies from the US and made them their hostages. They would almost always have to sleep on the floor. The conditions they were held in weren't the best. The hostages personal items were taken away from them, including wedding rings.
  • You guys aren't allowed to talk!!
  • They would get moved around often. Some places the hostages were moved to had beds (normally they had to sleep on the floor) and often there would be a guard in the room, the lights would stay on and the hostages couldsn't sleep the best due to the light and whispering.
  • When the hostages move they get blind folded, they get a bag over their head, and their hands get tied up. Most times after being in a better place that is much better than the others, the hostages would get moved to a place that isn't good at all.