In the government Classroom Matthew Bates
Updated: 6/8/2020
In the government Classroom Matthew Bates
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  • Hello class! Today we will be learning about the electoral college system and how Presidents get elected.
  • In the United States we live in a country where the popular vote doesn't decide who is president.
  • Each state has a number of votes that is based on the number of congressmen that state has. If there are more congressmen, that increases the number of electoral votes and the state is more important.
  • The President wins the election by a process called the Electoral college system.
  • No, it has nothing to do with school, its a point system based on votes.
  • One good example of the electoral college in action is the 2016 election. In the 2016 election Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but President Trump won the election because of the electoral college system. President Trump got more electoral votes and was the first to get to 270 so he won the election.
  • This is where you and your parents come in. The people in each state vote for a candidate and whoever has the most votes in each state gets the points for that state.
  • The electoral college system is a long and stressfull proces that a president must go through to become president.
  • It is like a race, the first candidate to reach 270 electoral votes from the states wins and gets to become president.
  • The main job of a lobbyist is to persuade and educate lawmakers in favor of their clients issues.
  • Ok Class, the next Government topic we will be covering is lobbying and what lobbyists do.
  • Lobbying happens at the Federal, state, and even local level.
  • One example of Lobbying, is how Lobbyists in Connecticut persuaded lawmakers to ban toxic lawn pesticides in municipal playgrounds in 2015. Lobbyist informed and persuaded the lawmakers to prepose this bill and pass it,
  • Anyone can hire a lobbyist however it's mainly businesses, non profit organizations and Corporations that hire them.
  • A business will hire a lobbyist to try and get lawmakers to either pass or kill legislation of interest to their client that has been brought up
  • Lobbyists play an important role because they educate lawmakers on both sides of the issues.
  • Without lobbying the process in which bills and legislation get passed would look much different.
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