You wish you were me
Updated: 1/24/2020
You wish you were me
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  • NO
  • HI my name is Copernicus, I came up with the idea that the sun is in the middle of the universe and the earth revolves around it, The risk of accepting this idea was that the church did not like it. They were losing power
  • WELL I MADE THE TELESCOPE THAT PROVED YOUR IDEA, Without me your idea would have been proven true and everyone thinks me for your idea
  • Hi my name is Sir Isaac Newton , Yes you better say Sir. One day a apple fell on my head and i was curious and found out that what goes up must come down , The scientific theory added the renaissance since its all about change and learning new things is changing things
  • Hello I am Marie Curie and I used radioactive testing , which led to us being able to look inside the human body without cutting them open, The scientific method changed science since new ideas came, and thought since we are finding out new things
  • Hi my name is Louis Pasteur and I saved some many live with my discoveries while i was a biologist and chemist , SO YALL WISH YOU WERE COOL LIKE ME
  • I'M A FATHER , Just not of a kid , CHEMISTRY IS LIKE A CHILD , Right??? Well im gonna die lonely and never have a kid
  • Everyone hates you since you father chemistry
  • Everyone was so influential to the change in History . They all had their own way on changing the way everyone was thinking even when the pope didn't like it
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