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atom comic part 2
Updated: 9/21/2020
atom comic part 2
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  • After the red giant becomes big enough and hot enough it starts to fall apart and it collapses into a planetary nebula and this is when I leave and that is how I made it into earth.
  • When the red giant collapses and turns into this planetary nebula is when parts of me are pushed out into the universe and some stay where they are all of the elements that where inside the star spread out into the universe but there are some elements that stay in the planetary nebula and this forms a white dwarf
  • Within the white dwarf it is filled with hydrogen, helium, oxygen and carbon atoms and this is where we stay until the white dwarf goes through its life time where it can eventually turn into a black dwarf and when we finish the cycle the star breaks down and the elements remaining are spread out and form part of new stars
  • Ok so now that I am done with talking about my story and telling you I got to your home I am now going to talk to you about the other path that an atom can take when being in a star. Everyone starts in the stellar nebulas but the difference this time is that instead of forming in a massive star for this other cycle the elements will be formed into massive star.
  • After this massive star is formed after going through the same process of nuclear fusion and creating more elements and making the star heavier and hotter it leads to a red supergiant which then collapses and turns into a huge explosion called a super nova
  • After the supernova explosion cools down then the star remains star can form either a neutron star or a black hole and then same as the other path when these two stars reach the end of their lifetime they collapse and the remainders spread out and form newer stars
  • Black hole
  • Neutron star
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