Odysseus Traits of a Hero
Updated: 11/16/2020
Odysseus Traits of a Hero

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  • Odysseus was the son of Laertes. He was born in Ithaca, an Island of Greece. This gave him privilege. For example, he was given the change to marry Helen because of who he was.
  • A Noble Birth
  • When Odysseus was trapped with his men in the cave of a Cyclops, he had an excellent plan to escape. After the men blinded the Cyclops, they couldn't just run out of the cave, because the Cyclops would feel their feet and eat them. Odysseus tied all of his men to the bottom of three rams each, so that when they left the cave, the Cyclops could only feel the feet of the rams. However, there was no one who could tie Odysseus to the biggest ram of all, which he was to ride under. It took much strength and courage for Odysseus to just hold onto the ram as it left the cave, but he was able to do it.
  • Capable of Deeds of Great Strength and Courage
  • Great Warrior
  • Odysseus was a great warrior in the Trojan War. He helped lead the Greeks to victory. He was the one that though of the Trojan Horse idea that ended the war.
  • National Heroism
  • Odysseus was seen as a brave warrior. When he arrived in Phaeacia, the ruler, Alcinous, asked him to speak about his journey, because he was so well known.
  • Odysseus had to travel through many places before he could get home after the Trojan War. An example of that being when him and his men had to sail past an island of Sirens. Sirens were deadly creatures that would lure people in with their singing, which was irresistible, then kill them. Odysseus dealt with this by having his men put wax over their ears, so they could not hear the song. Then he had his men tie him up. Odysseus said that even if he begged to be untied, to keep the ropes tight and put rope in his mouth to muffle him if necessary. They eventually made it past the Sirens.
  • Travels Over a Vast Setting
  • Odysseus did not blame others for mistakes he made. When him and the crew were trying to escape a Cyclops that they blinded, Odysseus gloated and yelled at the Cyclops from his ship. When he was gloating, he shouting his name and where he was from. Thanks to this, the Cyclops was able to pray to the gods to curse the crew. When retelling this, Odysseus did not lie about what he did. He even admitted that the crew begged him to stop, but he didn't.
  • Humility
  • Odysseus and his crew had to face the Sun God Helios. This is because while Odysseus was put to sleep by the gods, the rest of his crew ate Helios's cattle. Helios was angered by this and demanded to Zeus that the men be punished. It was because of this that Zeus shot Odysseus's ship with lightning bolts. Odysseus was the only survivor because he held onto a floating tree, and paddled with his hands to shore.
  • Faces Supernatural Foes