Updated: 3/16/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Odysseus and the Men Arrive
  •  I need the crew to watch over the ship as I take twelve fighter in.
  • The Men Went into the Cyclops Cave
  • Lets take all the cheese back tot he boat.
  • Cyclops Comes and Eats his Men
  • we need a plan o get out of this place
  • When the men arrived at the land of the Cyclopes they found many rams, sheep, and goats. They saw a sheepfold made from slabs of stone.
  • The Men Gave the Cyclops the Wine
  • The men went into the cave and found sheep, kids, and blocks of cheese. The men wanted to take the things and leave but Odysseus refused and wanted to find the caveman.
  • Odysseus and His Men Stab the Cyclops
  • The Cyclops starting to eat the men. The first night he ate two men then headed to bed.
  • The Adventure Back Home
  • The next day the Cyclops ate four more of Odysseus' men. The rest of the men and Odysseus gave the Cyclops wine to make him fall asleep so they could continue with their plan. 
  • give me another, thank you kindly,
  • Odysseus and his men got the Cyclops to pass out after drinking wine. They were able to escape on sheeps bellies without being caught.
  • we need to leave
  • After Odysseus and the men escaped and got to the boat Odysseus was running his mouth to the Cyclops. When he was running his mouth the Cyclops was able to tell where they were at so he was throwing pieces of the hillside at their boat. Cyclops is the son of Posiden so he was able to give them a bad ride home.
  • I am Odysseus, raider of cities, Laertes 'son, who home on Ithaca.