Indian Removal
Updated: 2/10/2020
Indian Removal

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  • Kickapoo Live Peacefully
  • The Invention of the Cotton Gin
  • The Kickapoo live peacefully in the state of Missouri. They didn't cause trouble or mess with the American settlers, however, they were still thought of as dangerous and savage.
  • After the cotton gin was popularized, Southerns wanted to get more land to grow more cotton. The cotton gin cleaned the cotton very fast and they could sell more faster.
  • Indian Removal Act
  • Andrew Jackson was elected in 1828 with hopes of expanding the country out west. He was considered the ¨Common Man¨ because he had grown up poor. He was liked by some but hated by most and his presidency changed presidencies forever.
  • Americans wanted to push out the Native Americans. It was accomplished when the president passed a law where tribes were forced out, peacefully or otherwise. Indians were removed from their land to land south of the Missouri river.