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Updated: 5/20/2020
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A storyboard about The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka. Made by Carlos Andrés García Trujillo - 11°B.

Storyboard Text

  • This book tells the story of Gregor Samsa, a guy who woke up as an enormous insect for no reason, and how his life changed due to this.
  • Despite of his current form, Gregor was still worried about going late to work, and his manager even went to his house to ask for him.
  • Ugh, what happened to me? I will miss my train, I should hurry up.
  • a
  • Due to Gregor's appearence, the manager ran away and Gregor was forced to go back to his room by his father.
  • Get back to your room, you monster!
  • His sister, Grete, brought him food to eat, and his mother tried to help him, even though she fainted everytime she saw Gregor.
  • Gregor stop it! Get under the couch right now!
  • a
  • There was a day when his father found Gregor outside his room, and attacked him with apples. After that, Gregor was never able to climb the walls again.
  • Besides, they had to rent a room for three lodgers obsessed with tidyness. That's why many things were thrown into Gregor's room, bothering him.
  • Things changed at Samsa's house. His father had to become a servant, his sister a saleswoman, and his mother had to do all the housing, as the servant was fired and an old cleaning woman was hired.
  • Of course sir, my wife will do it right away.
  • Mr. Samsa, please clean all the mess you have in that kitchen.
  • However, one day, Gregor went out of his room, attracted by the sound of Grete's violin. The lodgers noticed him, and decided to leave the house without paying.
  • We're cancelling our room! And of course we're not paying!
  • I can't stand this anymore! What have we done to deserve this?!
  • After this incident, Gregor was locked up in his room again. Suddenly, Gregor entered in pain, while he was thinking he should disappear. Finally, at 3:00 AM, Gregor passed away.
  • After Gregor's death, Samsa's family was able to live in peace again.
  • a
  • Well... Now we can give thanks to God.
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