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Updated: 9/24/2018
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Storyboard Description

A guy comes up and tries to mug you. You choose to fight back.

Storyboard Text

  • You are on your way home. You were put on extra shifts for your job, so it is very late at night. On top of that, it is also raining harshly as you wait for the bus.
  • Suddenly, a suspicious and shady man confronts you
  • The man pulls out a knife and threatens you to give him your valuables.
  • Even though you were initially surprised by the threat, you take the time to calm yourself down and think about what you should do. You can either attempt to run away, or you can fight the hostile man. If you run away, you'll be able to reach your house as long as the man doesn't catch you. If you fight the man, you run the risk of getting hurt, but you'll also be able to get home safely if you knock out the man.
  • Even though the stranger has a knife, you choose to fight him.
  • You manage to knock the stranger out and get away with minimal injury. You reach your house and you're very exhausted.
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