Updated: 1/28/2021

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  • I cant beleive her
  • my dress is from the store moneygloss, its the most expensive store in riverdale!
  • I am bored I am going to hang out with someone much more fun then you
  • I feel bad for leaving Betty. but its not my fault shes boring, plus now I get Archie all to my self!!!!
  • I sure hope Archie is home.
  • knock! knock!
  • the real question is what are YOU doing here I came to see Archie
  • what are you doing here!?!?!?
  • we are sorry we dont mean to make you cry veronica baby. but why can't the three of us get along
  • sorry "sniff" I why dont the three of us watch a movie TOGETHER because im nice unlike some people over in langdon (grade seven girls)
  • I new what you were thinking i'm your best friend why did you tried to take my friends away ? just get along
  • ha! see even if there is no room for people we make room!
  • positivety matters!
  • exactly veronica!