Indus Valley civilization

Updated: 5/23/2021
Indus Valley civilization

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, So the Indus valley civilization is divided in higher and lower according the people.
  • Hi lets talk about the first civilization  which is the Indus valley civilization
  • this is place wherethe people of the lower live and up of that is the higher castes where I live and the first indoor toilet was built here.
  • OH! Wow you live in the higher and I remembered that there is Great Bath and Mohjen Daro
  • this is the higher town ,where I live it is big as we can see who is trying to come in the higher town
  • It is made in a citadel
  • How big is this place .and there is the great Bath and Mohjen Daro
  • This is the Indus script
  • Wow I am not able to read the language even.
  • Wow! I can see the Indus river
  • The Indus people made fresh fruits by growingthe fertile ground
  • The people in the Mohjen Daro become weak under the population .
  • Yes ,because the population the Indus valley civilization had to end.